Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Delhi and then home...

We arrived in Delhi this morning after a 16 hour overnight train ride, like something right out of the movies. We had several compartments for our group, with bunk-style berths. We had card games, reading, writing in journals, train-exploring, some interesting food experiences, and on the down side, a few sick kids. Not everyone slept, and not everyone was feeling so great when we got off that train this morning.

We must have all eaten something a little off when we were in Varanasi, because a number of folks have been sick in the past few days. Most of us are now on antibiotics as well as anti-protozoal drugs, and almost everyone has been feeling better by this evening. Thank goodness. When we arrived in Delhi, instead of doing our scheduled trips around the city, we took the day off so that people could sleep, unwind, and get their strength back. We will be able to fit in a few sites tomorrow, including a visit to the Gandhi park and to the largest Mosque in India. We also hope to be able to see the Qutab Minar and the India gate. And I think there is a little last-shopping planned at the Chandri Chowk, a large and famous traditional old market.

We'll be on the plane within 24 hours, and be back at Elmira College within 48 hours. As we get closer to our departure, thoughts of home seem to be coming up more and more frequently. We'll miss our terrific guide, Satendra Sharma, who was with us every step of the way (and who variously played guide, uncle, and protector to us). He's been just terrific. I think we'll also miss this amazing, confounding, difficult, beautiful, historic, and powerful country. I suspect that we will all be processing through our experiences here for weeks if not months after we get home. So many photos have been taken, Sara P has hours and hours of video, and we all have some great memories (as well as some *great* stories!).

Goodbye India, hello America.

Martha and Andrea


Anonymous said...

Marco Polo returns!
Well, at least our "Soaring Eagles" will return. We're all glad you had a great trip and we can't wait to see the pictures and video.

Have a safe trip home. Call home when you get back to EC! Get ready for senior week! ;-)

Love ya lots and lots and lots,
Mom, Dad and Amanda

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